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We are the top supplier for the industrial and commercial replacement filters you need. We can handle all of your air filter needs. air filters air filters air filters

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From source capture fume extractors to portable explosion proof HEPA vacuums, ambient free hanging systems, NFPA compliant multi-station dust collectors and self-contained downdraft wet collectors, we are ready and able to provide the right solution for your application.

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Do you realize how filthy the air around us actually is?

It’s pretty nasty. That’s when air filters come in handy. Here at Air Purification Incorporated, We take care of the dirty work so you can enjoy the fresh air.

We train our highly-qualified staff to understand everything they need to know in order to make your environment clean as a whistle. They know it all. Whether you need a standard package or a customized set-up, we got you covered with minimum disruption to your daily routine.We have a stocked warehouse here in Raleigh, North Carolina which allows for immediate shipment of anything filter-related you might need.

We supply air filters and services for every type, model and brand of air cleaning systems. Our crew is available at the push of a button. You can also establish a custom service schedule to keep all of your filtration systems working at their absolute best.

Our knowledgeable staff, advanced air testing equipment, explosive dust testing, annual compliance reporting and years of experience are your assurance that your air purification systems are working with regulatory standards and appropriate for each application.

Whether you are commercial or residential, we can take care of your air purification needs. We have had the pleasure of meeting the needs of small and large businesses a-like for more than 25-years. With locations in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee, Air Purification Incorporated continues to serve customers nationwide and throughout the Southeast.

Just in case you weren’t aware – OSHA has implemented a new combustible dust emphasis program. Ask us how we can help you reach compliance on this critical issue and avoid potential disaster.